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Washington County Frontier Forts: Nat Geo Premiere

Nat Geo’s Diggers T.V. Show Focuses on Washington County History – February 25

Ringy and John at the dig on John's property

Ringy and John at the dig on John’s property

After experiencing great success in Washington County during the series premiere episode of  Nat Geo’s Diggers T.V. show on the Whiskey Rebellion, the crew has decided to come back to Washington County to see what history they can dig up. In the upcoming premiere of the second half of Diggers Season Two, the team explores the history of Washington County Frontier Fort Sites.

The three Frontier Fort Sites featured in the episode garnered a wealth of artifacts including one of the largest collections ever found by the Diggers crew and an artifact that could become one of the most important in Washington County history.

Check out the full Digger’s schedule.

David Bradford House: An Evening with Colonel Washington


Washington & Jefferson College

The Chapel at Old Main

washingtonThe David Bradford House and Washington & Jefferson College are excited to present this year’s Symposium on General Braddock’s Expedition of 1755. To bring light to this subject we have invited Mr. Norman Baker to speak at the event.  Mr. Baker, author of the recently published Braddock’s Road: Mapping the British Expedition from Alexandria to the Monongahela, has spent years mapping the road cut by General Braddock during his ill-fated march.  Also presenting will be  Mr. Bryan Cunning as George Washington from the time of Braddock’s Expedition. He has protrayed Washington in documentaries such as George Washington’s First War: The Battles for Fort Duquesne  and Pursuit of Honor: The Rise of George Washington. Mr. Cuninning will recount Washington’s observations along the march, the defeat on the Monongahela, Braddock’s demise, and the plan to guard the Virginia frontier from the French and Indian threat.

To learn more about this event visit the Bradford House Symposium website.