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Museum Tours and Outreach Programs:  Available on a variety of 18th Century topics, our experienced staffcan adapt to your curriculum goals and any grade level, for schools and organizations throughout the year.

Poster Session Contests:  Individual students research to create a trifold display on a topic of Western Pennsylvania history (1750-1850).  Open to all Washington and Greene County middle and high school students.  Cash prizes are awarded.   Register online during January and February; project due in early March.  Held in conjunction with our annual Symposium on 18th Century Life and Customs in Western Pennsylvania.

Lending Library:  Borrow a classroom set of the young adult novel 1794: Janie Miller’s Whiskey Rebellion Saga by Anna T. Connor and Laura C. Zajdel.

Research Resources:  A collection of primary and secondary resources on the Whiskey Rebellion and David Bradford is available for use either at the Museum or to borrow.  Ideal for students developing projects for National History Day.

Boy Scout American Heritage Merit Badge:  Saturday workshop available with 3 week notice, except July and December.

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~The mission of the Bradford House Historical Association is to preserve and promote the history and heritage of the David Bradford House and Museum and to educate the public on the role of David Bradford and the Whiskey Rebellion in shaping American history.~

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